Exploded view appendix 2 (repair kit) Parsun F60 outboard.

Appendix 2 (repair kit) - Parsun F50/F60

# Part Name
1 F60-02010002 Oil seal 18x32x9
2 F60-02010003 Gasket, exhaust manifold seat
3 JASOF40424-012 O ring 12.5x2.4
4 F60-02010013 Gasket, exhaust guid pipe
5 F60-02010012 Gasket, exhaust pipe
6 F60-02010008 Gasket, exhaust plate
7 F60-02010010 Lower gasket, exhaust plate
8 F60-02000008 Gasket, exhaust manifold
9 T85-04000011 Oil seal,cam shaft 9x19x5
10 JASOF40431-035 O-ring
11 JASOF40419-007 O-ring bolt
12 F25-04000015 Semicircular key
13 T40-04000202 Inner shell, water pump
14 F60-04000300 Impeller, water pump
15 T40-04000205 O-ring
16 F60-04000009 Outer plate
17 T40-04000010 Gasket , water pump seat
18 JASOF40424-50 O ring, oil seal casing
19 F25-04010003 Oil seal, drive shaft
20 F4-03000024 Gasket, gear box plug
21 T40-04060002 O-ring a, cover
22 T40-04060003 O-ring b, cover

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