Exploded view oil pump Parsun F40 outboard.

Oil pump - Parsun F30/F40

# Part Name
1 F40-05000007 Nut, timing pulley
2 F25-05000021 Timing pulley
3 F25-05000023 Timing belt
4 F40-05000008 Plate, timing belt
5 F4-04000019 Woodruff key
6 GB/T5785-M10x1.25x40 Bolt m10x1.25x40
7 GB/T97.1-10 Washer 10
8 F25-05050018 Washer, driven pulley
9 F40-05040006 Driven pulley
10 F25-05050016 Dowel pin, driven pulley
11 F40-05040200 Camshaft assembly
12 F40-05040407 Gasket, oil pump
13 F40-05040400 Oil pump assembly
14 F40-05040401 Body, oil pump
15 F40-05040405 Seal, oil pump
16 F40-05040404 Rotor shaft , oil pump
17 GB/T3094x15.8 Needle roller ¢4x15.8
18 F40-05040403 Inner rotor, oil pump
19 F40-05040402 Outer rotor, oil pump
20 F15-07110003 Plunger, oil relief valve
21 F40-05040408 Spring, oil relief valve
22 F40-05040406 Cover, oil pump
23 GB/T823-M6x16 Screw m6x16
24 GB/T97.1-6 Washer 6
25 GB/T5782-M6x40 Bolt m6x40

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