Exploded view fuel Parsun F25 outboard.

Fuel - Parsun F20/F25

# Part Name
1 F4-05000200 Fuel pipe tie-in assembly
2 GB/T97.1-6 Washer 6
3 GB/T5783-M6X25 Bolt m6x25
4 F4-04000030 Spring, fuel pipe "b"
5 F25-03000012 Pipe, fuel "a" Φ10xΦ5x550
6 F25-03000004 Pipe,wave Φ12x120
7 HT-2.5x60 Clamp
8 F15-07080000 Filter assembly
9 F15-07080002 Cup,filter
10 GB/T3452.1-32.5x1.8 Washer, cup filter Φ32.5x1.8
11 F15-07080001 Element, filter
12 GB/T6170-M8 Nut m8
13 F25-05000029 Pipe,wave Φ12x300
14 F25-05000012 Pipe, fuel "a" Φ10xΦ5x550
15 F25-05000033 Pipe,wave Φ12x120
16 F25-05000032 Hose Φ10xΦ5x180
17 F25-05000018 Bracket, fastness
18 GB/T5783-M6X30 Bolt m6x30
19 GB/T97.1-6 Washer 6
20 JB/T7757.2-24.7X3.1 O-ring 24.7x3.1
21 F25-05130000 Fuel pump assembly
22 F25-05130004 Plunger
23 F25-05130003 Spring, plunger
24 F25-05130001 Seat, fuel pump
25 GB/T6170-M5 Nut m5
26 F25-05130002 Spring, diap hragm
27 GB/T309-4x16.5 Roller needle Φ4x16.5
28 F25-05130100 Diap hragm assembly
29 F4-04090011 Screw, valve
30 GB/T848-3 Small washer 3
31 F4-04090005 Plate
32 GB/T6170-M3 Nut m3
33 F25-05130201 Fuel pump shell
34 F25-05130005 Diaphragm, top
35 F25-05130006A Seal, fuel pump
36 F25-05130007 Cover, fuel pump
37 GB/T818-M5X45 Screw, pan head m5x45
38 GB/T97.1-8 Washer 8
39 GB/T5783-M8X14 Bolt m8x14
40 F25-05000017 Bracket, filter cup

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