Exploded view crankshaft and piston Parsun F25 outboard.

Crankshaft and piston - Parsun F20/F25

# Part Name
1 F25-05020001 Crankshaft
2 F25-05020003 Oil seal b
3 F25-05010302-1 Main bearing
3 F25-05010302-2 Main bearing
4 F25-05020204 Bolt,connecting rod
5 F25-05020203-1 Plane bearing,connecting rod
5 F25-05020203-2 Plane bearing,connecting rod
6 F25-05020101 Piston
7 F25-05020105 Pin, piston
8 F25-05020106 Circlip
9 F25-05020102 Piston ring Ⅰ
10 F25-05020310 Con-rod assembly,balance
11 F25-05020301 Piston,balance
12 F25-05000026 Nut
13 F25-05020002 Oil seal a
14 F25-05020103 Piston ring Ⅱ
15 F25-05020104 Combination oil ring
16 F25-05020100 Piston assembly
17 F25-05020200 Rod,connecting

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