Exploded view fw control box Parsun F15 outboard.

Fw control box - Parsun F9.9/F15

# Part Name
1 F15-13000000W Control box assembly
2 HT2.5*60 Clamp
3 F15-13000200W Starting swich assembly
4 F15-13000100W Control cable assembly (5m=16.4')
5 F15-11000002W Plate, control box
6 GB/T819.2-M5X12 Screw pan head m5x12
7 F15-13020007W Throttle handle, inching
8 F15-13000005W Bush, can
9 F15-13020006W Bush, handle
10 F15-11000001W Block, rubber
11 F15-13000014W Jacket, cable
12 F4-01090401 Stoper,hang rope assembly
13 F15-13020400W Engine stop swich assembly
14 F15-13000203W Insulated plug ''b''
15 F15-13000202W Insulated plug ''a''
16 F15-13020001W Cover, control box
17 F15-13000013W Small cover, control box
18 F15-13020005W Washer “b”, wave
19 F15-13020100W Locked disk assembly
20 F15-13020002W Torsion spring
21 F15-13020003W Each locked pulley
22 F15-13020004W Plate, pulley spring
23 GB/T818-M4X6 Pan head screw m4x6
24 F15-13020000W Cover assembly, control box
25 GB/T5783-2000 Bolt m8x30
26 GB/T97.1-8 Washer 8
27 F15-13000500W Machine, control accelerograph
28 F15-13000007W Washer
29 GB/T896-6 Pin, cotter 6
30 F25-07000007W Control cable tie in “b”
31 F15-13000002W Cam mechanism
32 GB/T818-M3X14 Pan head screw m3x14
33 F15-13000800W Inching switch
34 F15-13000003W Plate
35 F15-13000004W Pulley
36 F15-13000001W Shift spring plate “b”
37 F15-12000016W Mark 16
38 GB/T6170-M6 Nut m6
39 F15-13000008W Wearable plate, cam machanism
40 F15-13000700W Shift swing link
41 F15-13000601W Adjuster fastness assembly
42 GB/T5783-M5X25 Bolt m5x25
43 GB/T6170-M5 Nut m5
44 F15-13000300W Buzzer assembly
45 F15-13000602W Adjuster pin
46 GB/T5287-6 Big washer 6
47 F15-13000006W Wearable plate
48 F15-13000011W Bush, shift swing link
49 F15-13000012W Bracket, control box
50 F15-12000013W Mark 13
51 F15-13000015W Cover, waterproof
52 F15-13010010W Block, control handle
53 GB/T956.1-5 Washer, locked 5
54 GB/T819.2-1M5X18 Screw, pan head m5x18
55 F15-13010003W Jam, button
56 F15-13010001W Control handle
57 F15-13010002W Control handlebar
58 GB/T84.5-ST4.8X12 Screw, pan head st4.8x12
59 GB/T818-2000 Screw, pan head m4x10
60 F15-13010009W Cover, control handle
61 F15-13010005W Spring, compression
62 F15-13010004W Part, orientation control
63 F15-13010008W Plate, orientation part
64 GB/T820-M6X90 Screw, pan head m6x90

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