Exploded view fuel Parsun F15 outboard.

Fuel - Parsun F9.9/F15

# Part Name
1 F15-07080000 Filter assembly
2 F4-04000030 Spring, fuel pipe “b”
3 F4-05000200 Fuel pipe tie-in assembly
4 F15-05000016 Pipe, fuel a
5 JB/T5783-M6x20 Bolt m6x20
6 GB/T6170-M8 Nut m8
7 F15-07000027 Hose Φ10xΦ5x145
8 JASO-F404-A-24-021 O-ring
9 F15-07140000 Fuel pump assembly
10 F15-07000026 Jacket Φ14xΦ11x300
11 F15-07000025 Hose Φ10xΦ5x380
12 GB/T823-M6x30 Screw, small pan head m6x30
13 JB/T93-6 Washer, spring
14 GB/T97.1-6 Washer, plate
15 F15-07080001 Element, filter
16 GB/T3452.1-32.5x1.8 Washer, cup filterΦ32.5x1.8
17 F15-07080002 Cup, filter
18 GB/T818-M4x30 Screw, pan head m4x30
19 F4-04090004 Diaphragm, top
20 F4-04090011 Screw valve
21 F4-04090005 Plate
22 F15-07140002 Fuel pump shell
23 F15-07140100 Dia phragm assembly
24 GB/T309-3x20 Roller needleΦ3x12
25 F15-07140005 Spring, diaphragm
26 F15-07140004 Spring, plunger
27 F15-07140003 Plunger
28 GB/T6170-M4 Nut m4
29 F4-04090003 Cover fuel pump
30 F15-07140001 Seat, fuel pump

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