Exploded view bw electric 2 Parsun F15 outboard.

Bw electric 2 - Parsun F9.9/F15

# Part Name
1 F15-07150301W Relay jacket
2 F15-07150300W Relay
3 F15-07150200W Line,power source
4 F25-05170201W Covering a,power source line
5 F25-05170202W Covering b,power source line
6 GB/T6170-M8 Hexangular nut
7 F15-07150500W Connection line,motor
8 F15-07150501W Jacket,connection line
9 GB/T97.1-6 Washer 6
10 GB/T6170-2000 Hexangular nut m6
11 GB/T97.1-8 Washer 8
12 F25-05090100W Fuse assembly
13 F15-07150001W Fuse

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