Exploded view bottom cowling Parsun F15 outboard.

Bottom cowling - Parsun F9.9/F15

# Part Name
1 GB/T5783-M6x30 Bolt, hexagon m6x30
3 F15-05000018 Cover board, bottom cowling
4 F25-03000013 Rubber plug, abnormal
5 F15-05000017 Seal, rubber
6 F25-03000003 Rubber plug circular
7 F15-05000006 Sheath, wave
8 F15-01000015 Jacket, cable
9 F15-05000015 Rubber plug, needle
10 F15-05000008 Clamp a
11 F15-05000003 Rubber plug, quadrate
12 GB/T5783-M6x25 Bolt, hexagon m6x25
13 GB/T97.1-6 Washer 6
14 F15-05000005 Bushifig, damper
15 F15-05000004 Damper
16 GB/T5783-M6x12 Bolt, hexagon m6x12
17 F15-05030000 Locking assembly, top cowling
18 F15-05000036 Bushing b
19 F15-05000023 Washer, wave
20 F15-05000026 Spring tension
21 F15-05000025 Bracket assembly, tensional spring
22 F15-05000024 Clip, water pipe
23 F15-05000022 Bushing a
24 F15-05020000 Locking handle assembly, top cowling
25 GB/T5783-M6x35 Bolt, hexagon m6x35
26 F15-05000033 Jacket, lever
27 F15-05000009 Nipple, plastic
30 F15-05000001 Bottomc owling
31 F15-05000002 Seal, bottom cowling

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