Exploded view carburetor Parsun F6A outboard.

Carburetor - Parsun F5A/F6A

# Part Name
1 F6-04060000-A Carburetor assembly
2 F6-04060006 Screw. air adjusting
3 F6-04060007 Spring
4 GB/T818-M3X6 Screw m3x6
5 GB/T93-3 Spring washer 3
6 F6-04060008 Apron. accelrator
7 GB/T818-M4X8 Screw m4x8
8 F6-04060100 Accelerator bar assembly
9 F6-04060002 Spring. swing link
10 GB/T818-M3X8 Screw m3x8
11 F6-04060003 Bushing
12 F6-04060004 Washer. nylon
13 F6-04060005 Pressing plate
14 GB/T896-4 Circlip 4
15 F6-04060013 Jet. air adjusting
16 F6-04060011 Screw. mixture
17 F6-04060012 Spring
18 F6-04060009 Apron. air choke
19 F6-04060010 Block. air choke
20 F6-04060001 Body. carburetor
21 F6-04060016 Pin. float
22 F6-04060014 Needle valve
23 F6-04060017 Main nozzle
24 F6-04060018 Main jet
25 F6-04060015 Float
26 F6-04060020 Seal ring
27 F6-04060021 Screw. drain
28 GB/T93-4 Spring washer 4
29 GB/T818-M4X12 Screw m4xi2
30 F6-04060019 Body. oil cup

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