Exploded view bottom cowling Parsun F6A outboard.

Bottom cowling - Parsun F5A/F6A

# Part Name
1 F4-01090401 Stoper. hang rope assembly
2 T40-01020101 Engine stop switch assembly
3 F6-05000001 Bottom cowling
4 F4-05000102 Plug. rubber
5 GB/T818-M4X12 Screw m4x12
6 F4-05000101 Knop. oil switch
7 F6-05000100 Oil switch assembly
8 F15-00000006 Pin 6x12
9 GB/T97.1-6 Asher 6
10 GB/T818-M6X12 Screw m6x12
11 GB/T5783-M6X20 Bolt m6x20
12 GB/T6170-M8 Nut m8
13 F4-05000023 Locking hook
14 GB/T818-M5x16 Screw m5x16
15 GB/T97.1-5 Washer 5
16 F4-05000020 Seat. locking hook
17 GB/T889.1-M5 Locking nut m5
18 F4-05000013-2 Cover. rubber
19 F6-05000009 Handle
20 GB/T97.1-8 Washer 8
21 F25-01010303 Bolt m8x20

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