Exploded view intake system Parsun F60 outboard.

Intake system - Parsun F50/F60

# Part Name
1 GB/T5783-M6x20 Hexagon bolt m6x20
2 GB/T97.1-6 Washer, plain 6
3 F40-05090600EI Sensor, intake temperature
4 F40-05090601EI O-ring, temperature sensor
5 F40-05090500EI Control valve, idle
6 F40-05090503EI Step motor
7 F40-05090503-1EI O-ring, step motor
8 F40-05090501EI Idle control
9 F40-05090502EI O ring, idle valve
10 GB/T818-M4x10 Screw,pan head m4x10
11 GB/T97.1-4 Washer 4
12 GB/T818-M5x14 Bolt m5x14
13 GB/T93-5 Spring washer 5
14 GB/T97.1-5 Washer 5
15 F40-05000026EI Idle control pipe
16 GB/T5783-M6x25 Hexagon bolt m6x25
17 F40-05090803EI Seal, intake silencer
18 F60-05001100 Intake silencer
19 F40-05090403EI Seal, throttle valve
20 F40-05090400EI Throttle valve assembly
21 GB/T818-M5x20 Bolt m5x20
22 HT4.0x300 Clamp 4.0x300
23 F40-05090408EI Rubber boot, throttle valve
24 F60-05000043 Guild pipe, throttle
25 GB/T5783-M6x16 Hexagon bolt m6x16
26 F60-05000011 Air pipe a
27 F60-05000048 Air pipe

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