Exploded view crankcase Parsun F40 outboard.

Crankcase - Parsun F30/F40

# Part Name
1 GB/T5783-M8x35 Bolt m8x35
2 GB/T97.1-8 Washer 8
3 F40-05000011 Pothook, engine
4 F40-05010000 Crankcase assembly
5 F15-07010004 Jam 1/8'
6 F25-00000014 Dowel pin clj8x12
7 F25-05010104 Jam 1/2'
8 F25-05010103 Jam 3/4'
9 F25-05000035 Bolt m8x80
10 F15-07000030 Bolt m6x35
11 GB/T97.1-6 Washer 6
12 F40-00000003 Gasket, engine
13 F25-05000100 Oil filter
14 F15-07010003 Stud screw m20x1.5x35
15 F40-05000004 Gasket, exhaust cover
16 F40-05000005 Cover, exhaust
16 F40-05000005EI Cover, exhaust
17 GB/T5783-M6x35 Bolt m6x35
18 F40-05000038 Gasket, jam
19 F40-05000037 Jam m18x1.5
20 F25-05010113 Joint, water nipple
21 F15-07010021 Cover, thermostat
22 F15-07000031 Thermostat (s60)
23 F15-07010022 Gasket, thermostat
24 F40-05000003 Clamp
25 F40-05000022 Water pipe a 6xφ11x280
26 F40-05000053 Water pipe b 6xφ11x330
27 F40-03000016 Three way
28 F40-03000004 Water pipe f
29 F40-03000002 Water pipe c 6xφ11x170
30 F40-03000003 Water pipe d 6xφ11x230

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