Exploded view control system 1 Parsun F40 outboard.

Control system 1 - Parsun F30/F40

# Part Name
1 F40-05000028 Connecting rod, accelerograph
2 F15-07000016 Jlont, connecting rod
3 GB/T5782-M6x55 Bolt m6x55
4 GB/T96-6 Big washer 6
5 F15-07000014 Driybn wheel, accelerograph
6 F40-05000016 Bushing, accelerograph
7 F40-05000033 Chain wheel, accelerograph
8 GB/T5783-M6x10 Bolt m6x10
9 F40-05000015 Plate, steel cable
10 GB/T5783-M6x25 Bolt m6x25
11 GB/T97.1-6 Washer 6
12 F15-05040002 Bearer, shift rod
13 F40-03000010 Rocker, detent
14 GB/T879.4-3x20 Pin φ3x20
15 F15-05040100 Lever assembly, shift rod
16 GB/T5783-M6x20 Bolt m6x20
17 F15-05000031 Spring piece, shift rod
18 F15-05000032 Spring piece, shift rod
19 F15-00000012 Clip φ8
20 F40-03000007L Connecting rod, shift gear(l)
20 F40-03000007S Connecting rod, shift gear(s)
21 GB/T818-M3x14 Screw m3x14
22 FI5-13000800W Jiggle switch
23 FI5-05000300BW Plate, jiggle switch
24 GB/T6170-M3 Nut m3
25 GB/T5783-M6x16 Bolt m6x16
26 F25-03030005W Rocker c, arrester
27 GB/T879.2-3x20 Coluiiniform pin φ3 x 20

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