Exploded view lower casing and drive Parsun F4 outboard.

Lower casing and drive - Parsun F4/F5

# Part Name
1 GB/T91-2.5x30 Pin, cotter 2.5x30
2 F4-03080000 Nut assembly
3 F4-03000026 Washer, stainless steel
4 F2.6-03010000 Propeller 3x7 1/4"x6"
4 F4-03070000 Propeller 3x7 1/2"x7"
5 F4-03000025 Spacer
6 F4-03000022 Anode
7 GB/T861.1-6 Washer, internal tooch 6
8 GB/T97.1-6 Washer, plate 6
9 GB/T5783-M6X14 Hexagon bolt m6x14
10 F4-00000001 Hollow pin
11 F4-02040001L Water tubu assembly
11 F4-02040001S Water tubu assembly
12 F4-02040002 I-shaped rubber band
13 F4-03100000 Lower casing assembly
13 F4-03100000S Lower casing assembly

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