Exploded view intake Parsun F4 outboard.

Intake - Parsun F4/F5

# Part Name
1 GB/T5782-M6X90 Hexagon bolt m6x90
2 GB/T97.1-6 Washer, plate 6
3 F4-04110000 Silencer assembly, intake
4 JASOF404-24-031 O-ring
5 F4-04000024 Gasket, carburetor airproof
6 F4-04000025 Gasket, carburetor
7 F4-04110003 Jam
8 F4-04000035 Pipe, return gas
9 F4-04000031-1 Clamp, nylon "a"
10 F4-05000400 Choke handle assembly
11 F4-04000022 Gasket, inner pipe
12 F4-04000023 Manifold, intake
13 GB/T5283-M6X25 Hexagon bolt
14 F4-04140000 Carburetor
15 F4-04000042 Pipe

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