Exploded view lower casing and drive 1 Parsun F2.6 outboard.

Lower casing and drive 1 - Parsun F2.6

# Part Name
1 F2.6-03000001 Lower casing
2 F2.6-03000003 Bearing
3 F2.6-03000004 Oil seal
4 F2.6-03000007 Gasket, water pump
5 F2.6-03000009 O-ring
6 F4-03000013 Pin
7 F2.6-03000008 Housing, water pump
8 F2.6-03000010 Out plate
9 F2.6-03000100 Impeller assembly
10 F2.6-03000015 Cover, inner water pump
11 JASO-F404-19-033 O-ring
12 F2.6-03000014 Water pump housing
13 F4-03000021 Rubber tube, water pump
14 F2.6-03000016 Plate, water pump fixed
15 GB/T5783-M6X40 Bolt m6x40
16 F2.6-03000011L Drive shaft(long)
16 F2.6-03000011S Drive shaft(short)
17 F2.6-03000013 Pin
18 F2.6-03000012 Clip
19 F2.6-03000020 Plug, shift
20 NTN16003EY Ball bearing
21 F2.6-03000019 Positive gear assembly
22 F2.6-03000202 Clutch block
23 F4-03030003 Spring, clutch block
24 F2.6-030000201 Shaft, propeller
25 F2.6-03000021 Washer
26 JISB2401P48 O-ring
27 F2.6-03000301 Cover, lower casing
28 F4-03050002 Oil seal
29 GB/T5783-M6X16 Bolt
30 GB/T97.1-6 Washer
31 F2.6-03000002 Bearing
32 F2.6-03000017 Shim(t:2.0mm)
33 F2.6-03000018 Initiative gear
34 GB/T-896-6 Circlip
35 F4-03000024 Gasket, gear box plug
36 F4-03000023 Plug, oil hole
37 F2.6-03000302 Bearing, sleeve
38 F2.6-03000300 Cover assembly, lower casing

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