spare parts Parsun outboard exploded view F5 INTAKE

Parsun sprängskiss F5 INTAKE
ID Part Description
2GB/T97.1-6WASHER, PLATE 6Buy GB/T97.1-6
3F4-04110000SILENCER ASSY, INTAKECompatible with Yamaha 68D-E4440-00Buy F4-04110000
4JASO F404-2-24-031O-RINGCompatible with Yamaha 93210-31MJ5
5F4-04000024GASKET, CARBURETOR AIRPROOFCompatible with Yamaha 68D-E3646-A0Buy F4-04000024
6F4-04000025GASKET, CARBURETOR Compatible with Yamaha 68D-E3647-00Buy F4-04000025
7F4-04110003JAMCompatible with Yamaha 90464-13249Buy F4-04110003
8F4-04000035PIPE, RETURN GASCompatible with Yamaha 68D-F4314-00
9F4-04000031-1CLAMP, NYLON "A"Compatible with Yamaha 90464-05122
10F4-05000400CHOKE HANDLE ASSYCompatible with Yamaha 68D-F6330-00Buy F4-05000400
11F4-04000022GASKET, INNER PIPECompatible with Yamaha 68D-E3645-A0Buy F4-04000022
12F4-04000023MANIFOLD, INTAKECompatible with Yamaha 68D-E3641-00-94Buy F4-04000023
14F4-04140000CARBURETORCompatible with Yamaha 67D-14301-03Buy F4-04140000
15F4-04000036PIPE Buy F4-04000036

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This site is published by the company China Boat & Marine to provide information about Parsun outboard motors in Europe. China Boat & Marine is a Swedish company that distributes Parsun outboard engines in Sweden.